Hunton Cares

Hunton Cares

At Hunton Group, we encourage employees to engage in improving themselves and their community through health, safety, giving, and outreach initiatives. We channel this energy in our “Hunton Cares” Program that serves as an umbrella brand of internal and external communications and charitable initiatives. “Hunton Cares” not only represents our support of our employees mental and physical well-being, it promotes philanthropy and extends our core values of being kind, passionate, and real outside of the organization.

Positive Affirmations

What are affirmations?

Statements you repeat to challenge negative thinking or unhelpful, intrusive thoughts. Positive phrases build you up and help reconnect other positive qualities while offering encouragement and motivation.

Are they effective?
  • Affirmations are effective for replacing negative or anxious thoughts with positivity, which will help you relax and calm the body.
  • 2018 study indicates that affirming yourself can help you cope with uncertainty and improve your self-worth.
How to make the most of affirmation?
  • Repeating affirmation is very helpful, but there are ways to make them more effective. When choosing phrases, consider what will help you the most right now. Then you can set a plan and follow through.
  • Consider taking deep breaths before practicing your daily affirmations. Then try to observe how those phrases affect you, emotionally and physically, after your practice.
Affirmations to try:
  • I am strong enough to get through this hardship.
  • I have the skills and abilities to handle this difficult situation.
  • I believe in myself and can achieve my goals.
  • I am confident and ready to start the day.
  • I am learning every day, viewing setbacks as opportunities to grow.
  • I trust myself and follow my instincts.
  • I am valuable and contribute to the world around me.
  • I am powerful and capable of success.

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