Positive Affirmations

Let’s Talk What are affirmations? Statements you repeat to challenge negative thinking or unhelpful, intrusive thoughts. Positive phrases build you up and help reconnect other positive qualities while offering encouragement and motivation. Are they effective? How to make the most of affirmation? Affirmations to try:

National Nutrition Month

Let’s Talk This month our focus is to educate our employees on making healthier food choices and developing healthy eating habits. Here are a few simple steps and tips to begin to make healthier changes in your daily lifestyle. HEALTHIER HABITS RECIPES TO GET YOU STARTED: NUTRITIONAL/ WELLNESS INFLUENCERS TO FOLLOW: RECOMMENDED DAILY VITAMINS: LINKS […]

Cultivating Self-Love

Let’s Talk This Valentine’s Day, we are challenging you to make another type of affection a priority: self-love. We all know that self-love is important for our wellbeing and overall happiness. But how exactly can we cultivate more of it? REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE ENOUGH When we are bombarded with messages that constantly tell us […]

How to Stay Well Balanced in 2023

Let’s Talk How to Stay Well Balanced Our desire to succeed can sometimes lead us to neglect our well-being and personal relationships. As the year is just beginning, here are just a few tips that can help you improve your work-life balance in the new year. Cheers to 2023! 5 TIPS FOR STAYING WELL BALANCED […]

Hunton Heroes 2022 – Giving Tuesday

Let’s Talk Hunton Heroes 2022 As this year begins to wrap up, we want to highlight the philanthropic initiatives that our employees have taken part in. From onsite volunteering, to collections, and so much more, our goal is to have a lasting effect on our community and those in need. We give not only on […]

Breast Cancer Awareness 2022

Let’s Talk Annual screenings are crucial to finding breast cancer early, and a mammogram is the best screening tool available. Women with an average risk for breast cancer typically begin annual mammograms at age 40. HUNTON CARES BAKE SALE TO BENEFIT THE ROSE FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14 in the breakrooms. Make and then buy baked items […]

Hunton Cares Food Drive

Let’s Talk The first Friday of September marks National Food Bank Day. Hunger is a huge problem globally, and here at Hunton we partnered with the Houston Food Bank to combat this. The Houston Food Bank is hosting their Hunger Games Event on September 12 – 30, 2022. This competition is where groups compete against […]

Home Safety Tips You Can Do This Weekend

Let’s Talk Here at Hunton, we strive to live safely at work and at home every day. Check out these tips below Stay on top of the latest trends when it comes to personal safety. For a deeper dive visit: www.SafetyTalkIdeas.com

Let’s Focus on Forgiveness

Let’s Talk Global Forgiveness Day is on July 7th every year to encourage the art of forgiving. It aims to spread awareness about the healing power of forgiveness and its importance for a more peaceful life. Studies have proved that people who choose to forgive are healthier and happier. Why Can Forgiveness Be So Difficult? […]

Become The Best Version of Yourself

Let’s Talk Have you ever felt the need to improve certain aspects of your life? Do you feel that you are not living up to your full potential? Most people, at some point in their lives, ponder these questions and doubts. It is a normal and positive thing to wonder how you can maximize your […]