The largest part of any building’s budget is its energy costs. As a building owner, you have seen your operating costs continue to increase as your building systems age. These systems help give life to your building.  Like our own bodies, investing in their health pays dividends in the long run.  We call this “High Performance Buildings for Life.”

Perhaps you would like to improve and upgrade the systems but getting the capital to do so is a challenge. Hunton’s team of energy professionals can assist through:

  • Energy modeling to provide a return-on-investment assessment.
  • Certified Retro-commissioning agents for CenterPoint RCx program
  • Continuous commissioning agent for Texas A&M CC program
  • Assistance with many incentive programs through local utility providers
  • Full-service turnkey engineering development
  • Financial option assistance through vehicles such as PACE, SECO, and conventional financing

Whether you are looking to simply lower your energy costs or find a way to unlock capital to make improvements, our team of energy professionals can help. There is money to be saved and it is your HVAC system, your controls, your lighting and water fixtures, and your building envelope.

  • Building integration systems
  • Renewable energy upgrades
  • Building automation systems
  • HVAC controls and systems optimization
  • AI for HVAC
  • Lighting upgrades and optimizations
  • Water conservation upgrades & strategies
  • Building envelope strategies
  • Renewable power strategies
  • Mission critical operations
  • Power quality and power factor assessment
  • Monitoring services to ensure sustained reliability and efficiency.

Proving the project worked and the savings are sustainable can be as important as the savings projections. Which is why the Hunton Building Automation Team can provide sensors, meters, control components, and integration technologies that allow for real time monitoring, automation, and fine-tuning of all building systems to ensure “best-in-class” efficiency and reliability now and in the future. If it isn’t metered it cannot be monitored. Our professional team can provide that peace of mind by providing reports that detail energy use improvements.

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