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People using knowledge to turn building systems into business advantages, together.

A Trane system can have a measurable impact on your business, no matter what your business is.

It’s been proven that Trane can positively influence the working environment, the bottom line and even production and design timetables.

At The Hunton Group, we recognize that owners and end-users put their trust in the architects they hire and expect expertise from the professional engineers and contractors involved in their projects.

So, it is our job to support professional engineers and contractors, and to help ensure that end-user expectations are met when Trane systems are purchased.

Whether your project is large or small and whether we work with you as a contributing partner or directly, our projects all have these in common:



This first phase of the $4.1 billion Salt Lake City International Airport project, which began in 2014, includes a 909,000-sq.-ft. central terminal building and two linear concourses with 45 new gates and a passenger tunnel links these two concourses. This airport will be able to handle 34 million passengers per year, up from 26.7 million passengers in 2019. Equipment: (5) 1,000-ton Trane Centravac Chillers.



This project is the largest Trane® Air-Fi® wireless system in Houston, Texas. We took the existing BAS system that was Trane unitary controllers that were connected via BACnet comm wire to JACEs throughout the building and convert it to Trane® Air-Fi®. We took the existing BAS from a Tridium front-end interface to a Trane Ensemble front-end. We migrated the Chiller Plant and Condensing Water system from the Tridium system to the Trane Ensemble system. Created Trane Graphics for all the equipment, existing and new, on the Trane Tracer Ensemble Front-End. Picture credit Kirskey Architecture. Read full case study at



Re-engineering the chiller plant at an established educational facility to perform reliably at maximum efficiency. A Trane control system, working in coordination with an administrative system built by Hunton Services Energy team, operates the plant. The administrative platform monitors real-time energy use and makes recommendations to the Trane control system regarding sequencing of the chilled water production and distribution equipment. The goal is to operate the equipment in a manner that produces the best overall chilled water plant efficiency while improving operational performance for the connected buildings. Photo credit: G. Lyon Photography. Read full case study at Hunton Services. (use this link: )



A comprehensive new industrial construction at the Freeport LNG industrial site in Quintana, TX. 12 New buildings being built inside of the industrial site. 7 at the Liquefication site, 5 at the Pre-Treatment Facility. Controls were installed on them onsite. Each building being put onto the owner’s network so each building can be placed on the owner’s front end for monitoring. Read full case study at Convergentz.



Jacob White Construction is a unique customer that both manages, constructs and owns their own facilities. All of their complexes are LEED Gold/Platinum certified with complex control systems. Having used a single building automation systems (BAS) provider for years, Jacob White came to Hunton Trane unsatisfied with their service and support.

As a test, they allowed Hunton Trane to upgrade their main office complex in Friendswood, TX using the Trane Air-Fi® wireless products. Upon completion of the upgrade to their office BAS system, they contracted Hunton Trane to upgrade one of their buildings on Gulf Freeway. When Jacob White was hired to build one of the most complex Bio Medical Facilities in Webster, TX for MaSTherCell Gene Labs, they hired Hunton Trane as their BAS partner. The MaSTherCell Project is the one of the most complex control systems installed in the Houston market. With full FDA Part 11.B Audit Verification and Critical Control Lab Systems, Hunton Trane was their trusted advisor throughout the design and fulfillment process.

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