Building Owners

Whether you’re installing new equipment, maintaining an existing system, or completely upgrading your infrastructure, we can provide the exact expertise you need.

We work with owners throughout the project development process to develop sound ideas and concepts that deliver value and drive it throughout the lifecycle of the facility, resulting in long-term, sustainable benefits.

Once you’re up and running, our systems are backed by our local support staff through service, training, warranties, and optimization plans to keep your building running smoothly and building occupants happy.

We take building owner needs into consideration as we:

  • Find the best use for your capital dollars based on real data.
  • Conduct indoor environmental analyses, including temperature, humidity, CO2, VOCs, PM, lighting levels, acoustical levels, to ensure a comfortable environment for tenants.
  • Provide accurate engineering design that meets all building and energy code specifications.
  • Consider the life cycle when selecting equipment balancing operating costs, including maintenance and energy, against first costs and providing you with an ROI.
  • Review energy usage for opportunities to save further with peak shaving, demand response, and power factor correction.
  • Provide/coordinate service, maintenance, and start-up in most regions.
  • Adhere to budget and time constraints, and avoid costly change orders, with our dedicated project management teams.

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