Not all Heroes Wear Capes

Did you know that June 22 is National HVAC Technician Day? Since June 21st is the first official day of summer, it is a perfect time to show our appreciation for our highly skilled, hardworking HVAC technicians that keep you and I cool and comfortable even on the hottest of summer days. Across all our divisions, we have just over 200 technicians! We thank our HSE team for keep them safe at all times (the team provided many of the pictures).

During the summer, HVAC techs are working in attics and roof tops that are 120 degrees or hotter. This can be very dangerous; HVAC technicians must know how to keep themselves hydrated and avoid heat stroke to do their job of keeping us cool (dive deeper by reading Hunton Cares blog post, “Working in Hot Weather”).

Why we love our HVAC Techs

An HVAC Technician job is anything but routine and predictable. Rather than going into the same office every day, an HVAC Technician may find themselves traveling all over the city and beyond. Every day, HVAC Techs are going to new places, meeting new people, problem solving, and facing new challenges.

HVAC Technicians find ways to help people stay safe and comfortable in buildings and in homes.

This often means that an HVAC Technician job does not just happen during the 9-5 Monday through Friday work week. Technicians are typically on call at all hours to make sure their customers are happy and helping in emergencies.

Here is what one of our highly trained technicians had to say, “I love being a technician because it gives me the opportunity to help others and troubleshoot issues to solve problems. I really enjoy the comradery of working with our group to accomplish specific goals and tasks.” – Ty P.

Why we love National HVAC Tech Day
  • They go where we would not dare. Roof tops on buildings and houses, crawl spaces, attics, basements, and all places in between are no obstacle for HVAC Tech and we think that is very brave.
  • They deal with extreme conditions constantly. There is no doubt you have had a broken AC before, so you know how brutal it can be, now imagine working in that heat every day. They have a tough job and we respect them for that.
  • They can save you money! When an HVAC professional helps you select and maintain efficient heating and cooling systems, they also help you reduce your carbon footprint in your building and in your home.
Show your appreciation to an HVAC Tech!
  • Give your HVAC Tech’s a shoutout and use the hashtag #NationalHVACTechDay and show some love for all their hard work.
  • Treat them to a nice meal. At Hunton, we sent them a gift card from Chick-fil-a, you can too!
  • Change your home’s filter – it is likely your AC is due for a new filter, get ahead of it today and apply a fresh one regularly.
  • Maintain your building’s units by having regular preventative work done on them. At Hunton, this is our passion, our technicians are the finest in the city.
  • Call us at Hunton so you can meet the best techs in town, 713-266-3900.


Lastly, a word from Kris Hardin, the President, and General Manager of Hunton Services, “Our technicians are the heart and soul of this business. Their dedication to our customers, their loyalty, their willingness to go the extra mile, and their teamwork do not go unnoticed. We appreciate them every day.”