Staying Healthy During the Holidays

December is here, and with it comes the holiday season: A time filled with family, friends, and gratitude, but also potential stress due to scheduling and those rich meals that might not be ideal for your health. Here are some tips for staying healthy and happy during these times:

Hydrate your Body

Drinking water throughout the day will help you control cravings and limit the amount of food you put in your body. Try these free apps to help you remember to drink water: Daily Water Tracker Reminder and Hydro Coach.

Choose Healthy Substitutes

Try to replace high-calorie foods with healthier choices. For instance, swap out sour cream for plain Greek yogurt. Click here for a list of healthier food substitutes.  

Don’t Forget to Move!

Plan ahead of time to workout around your holiday schedule. You do not need to hit the gym; you can always do a quick workout at home or go for a walk.

Safety Matters

A very crucial aspect during the holidays is your safety, here are some things to keep in mind:  

  • Hand Washing – wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before eating, after using the restroom, and when preparing food. Let’s keep the germs away!
  • Air Cleaning – Clean air is healthy air. Airborne mold, bacteria, and viruses can easily spread without taking the proper precautions. Here at Hunton we have many solutions to provide clear air.
  • Preventing Injuries and Accidents – Be careful when decorating and cooking. Many accidents during this season occur while putting up decorative lighting and cooking Christmas dinner. 
  • Food Safety – Prepare your meals with fresh ingredients, wash your hands and clean surfaces before cooking, and store leftovers properly to avoid food-related illnesses.
Manage Holiday Stress

Yes, this is a thing! However, you can reduce the amount of stress by organizing and planning everything ahead of time. Also, you can reduce stress by focusing on what you can control, setting boundaries, getting enough sleep, and meditating. 

Take Some “Me Time”

Even though holidays are a time to spend with our loved ones, it is important to check our mental and emotional health. Pick an activity that makes you enjoy yourself and spend some time by yourself. Enjoy your favorite movie, read a book, meditate, go shopping or go for a walk.

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