Platinum Safety Partner Award from Texas Mutual Insurance

Hunton Group has received the Platinum Safety Partner Award from Texas Mutual Insurance Co., the largest workers’ compensation insurance provider in Texas. The award honors top-tier workplace safety among the company’s policyholders, regardless of industry. Only two hundred of the more than 74,000 policyholders in Texas are honored with the award, according to Texas Mutual, placing Hunton Group in the top 0.27 percent of policyholders.

The Platinum Safety Partner Award is given to companies and organizations that demonstrate a commitment to safety in the workplace by implementing an organized safety plan and effectively managing workers’ compensation losses.

Eric Bourqin, Vice President Safety Services of Texas Mutual, stated that Hunton Group was selected for the award, “because you provide the resources necessary to protect employees from workplace hazards, which is reflected by your outstanding safety record. Simply put, safety is a core value in your organization.”

We are proud of our safety culture here at Hunton and it is because of our dedicated “safe” employees that we received this honorable award. Thank you team.

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