New Leadership Team in Place at the Hunton Group

August 2, 2018


R.O. Hunton, P.E. the founder and former CEO of the Hunton Group, is pleased to announce that his son Richard Hunton, Jr. has been named the new CEO and President of the Hunton Group. Richard has previously served as the COO and President of the Hunton Group for the past 12 years.

Randy Wallen, has been named as COO to the Hunton Group and President of Hunton Services. Mr. Wallen has the extensive knowledge and proven track record to help lead the company to continued success.

“Richard has the vision and experience needed to lead the Hunton Group to the same continued solid growth we’ve seen in the past 36 years. I have the highest degree of confidence in both the leadership and the associates at the Hunton Group. I’m very proud of the team we have built and know we have the right leaders in place.” R.O. Hunton, Chairman of the Hunton Group

The Hunton Group, founded in 1981, is a conglomerate of synergized companies delivering energy efficient HVAC products and systems; factory certified service; turn key financial solutions and advanced building integration and control systems.

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