Hunton Group of Companies Pulls Off Another Successful Open House

Hunton Group decided to take the recession by the horns, and jump start the economic recovery by hosting an open house party at its headquarters with a festive Mardi Gras theme. “This was the biggest and most successful open house we’ve ever hosted,” said Richard Hunton Jr. President & COO of Hunton Group. Customers were treated to Cajun food catered by the Ragin’ Cajun, and danced to the tunes of the Zydeco Dots.  Prizes were won and customers have been calling ever since with rave reviews of this.

As a sales representative company for numerous products in the HVAC arena, the Hunton Group works closely with its customers, listening to their needs and in turn communicating these needs to the product manufacturers, then working closely with the manufacturers to bring about product improvements or entirely new products.

At the open house, at least twenty vendors displayed products and systems that were either new and being introduced to the market or products that had major improvements. “We want our customers to know we are listening to them” said Richard Hunton Jr. “The market is calling for high efficiency products with low energy consumption and almost every product here has the highest efficiencies in its category”. The theme of the event, ‘Technology and Innovation benefiting customers’, was carried through the event, with vendor representatives giving product demonstrations and providing specific information.

Some of the new innovative products displayed were the Mitsubishi City Multi/VRFZ, which, through its unique design, allows for very high efficiencies and individual comfort control. The Trane Performance Climate Changer air handlers combine the best features of a standardized, packaged air handling system with much of the flexibility and many of the features of a custom line. This highly flexible unit is designed to provide a clean, comfortable environment in commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. And the ConsERV™ energy exchanger, which uses space age technology to transfer high levels of both sensible and latent heat, can reduce energy consumption and HVAC loads from fresh air ventilation by up to 80%.

With the winter and the recession behind them, Hunton Group is ready for the Texas summer and poised for a prosperous 2011 by bringing highly efficient and low life cycle cost products to the market.

For further information, please contact Briony Gannon, Marketing Manager for The Hunton Group, at (713) 266-3900 or by email at, or visit 

Houston, Texas (March 3, 2011)