Hunton Distribution earns Trane’s 2016 Pacesetter Award

Houston, May 4, 2017: Hunton Distribution was once again named Trane’s top “Independent Wholesale Distributorship” at the annual Pacesetter meeting held in Destin, Florida this past April. This is the sixth time Hunton Distribution has received this prestigious award.“I’m proud of our organization and the emphasis we have on our customers. Our people truly want to do the best every day and this award is a testament to this. When you combine this organization’s attitude with Trane’s industry leading reputation, it’s a winning combination,” said Charlie Hunton, President and GM of the company.
Left to right: Brian Davenport, Trane Sales Director of IWDs, Reed Conley, Trane regional sales manager, Steve Acker, Hunton Distribution Sales Manager, Charlie Hunton, Hunton Distribution President and GM, Mark Wagner, Vice president of Trane

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