Hunton Cares Food Drive

September 1, 2022


The first Friday of September marks National Food Bank Day. Hunger is a huge problem globally, and here at Hunton we partnered with the Houston Food Bank to combat this. The Houston Food Bank is hosting their Hunger Games Event on September 12 – 30, 2022. This competition is where groups compete against one another for points by donating time, funds, and food. The Hunton Group is registered for this event and will be competing. Our core values state that we are to, “Love It and to Be Kind.” We are proud to be living into these values through our Hunton Cares program.

To register and/or learn more, click the link: Houston Food Bank / Hunger Games!

According to the Houston Food bank, other ways to help include:
  • Join their online communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to get ongoing information on events, promotions and announcements.
  • Update your social status to share a hunger fact with friends and colleagues to raise awareness.
  • Volunteer at Houston Food Bank.
  • Make a donation. For every $1 donated to Houston Food Bank, you can provide a person with a full day of meals.

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