Forging ahead with the New Management team

Houston, May 1, 2017: Richard O. Hunton, Jr., President and COO of the Hunton Group, is pleased to announce the appointment of Kurt McCulloch, General Manager of Convergentz and advisor to The Hunton Group. 

Kurt brings over 25 years of HVAC system knowledge in both equipment and controls and has held positions of leadership in both Chicago and Houston.

Jeffrey Crook has been appointed Sales Manager and brings over 20 years’ experience in the commercial HVAC and Controls industry.

Lloyd Coker, has rejoined Convergentz as Operations Manager, bringing over 30 years’ experience in commercial HVAC and Controls.

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About Convergentz
As a technology leader and master systems integrator, Convergentz integrates IT and traditional building system functions, to improve Building Performance, Environmental Comfort and Energy Efficiency. Working with owners and designers, Convergentz helps implement proven technologies and helps guide the integration process, while ensuring simplicity of use and operational value for the owner or their agent.

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