Breast Cancer Awareness 2022

Annual screenings are crucial to finding breast cancer early, and a mammogram is the best screening tool available. Women with an average risk for breast cancer typically begin annual mammograms at age 40.

  • Plan: Two weeks after monthly cycle
  • Call: Arrange for previous mammograms to be sent for comparison. Or get copies to bring with you.
  • Prepare: Don’t use deodorants, powders, lotions, or perfumes on your chest. They can show up as white spots making reading more difficult.
  • Dress: Wear a blouse or top – with pants or skirt.
  • Avoid: Necklaces or jewelry on your neck or chest during mammogram.
  • Discuss: Tell the doctor any concerns you have had.
  • Ask: Find out when and how you’ll be notified of the results of your mammogram.
  • Take Action: Talk with your doctor about a screening schedule that is right for you. Be sure to mention if breast cancer runs in your family. Together, you can decide when and how often you need mammograms. Check your benefits plan to see what services may be covered.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14 in the breakrooms. Make and then buy baked items for our bake sale.

Proceeds go to The Rose Organization. Since its launch in 1986, The Rose has served nearly 500,000 patients and is now the leading nonprofit breast health care organization in southeast Texas giving access to treatment to more than 40,000 women annually. Contact if you want to bake something.

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